Saturday, March 30, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

Just a prayer.

You are revealing pieces of Your plan for me to me.  Just because I can't see how the pieces fit together perfectly does not mean that You don't.  Because You totally do.  Following You does not require me to have it all together or know what is going on.  Rather it requires me to let it go, to see You with blind abandon, to love, and to give You all of me, leaving the broken pieces of my plan in Your hands.  And with Your strength, that I can do.
It's kind of cool; knowing that You have it all together and until You choose to reveal the big picture, You keep giving me little clues in the form of puzzle pieces.  It's like a mystery.  I have no idea what you'll give me next, but by following You, You will give me each piece in its time.  And rather than frantically trying to fit the pieces I have together without seeing the big picture, I just wait on You and follow Your leading until You put the pieces together.

There is peace in waiting.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Like Wind

I go to a prayer meeting on Monday mornings with InterVarsity.  It's an incredibly refreshing and refocusing way to start my week.  I absolutely love it!
This week, we decided to do a solitary prayer walk around the Creative Arts Center and be open to what God could say to us through the art pieces.
While I was walking around the outside of the CAC, I came to a huge wind chime.  Standing there quietly, listening to God, I just really really felt like writing.  Like writing a poem.  I mean, I journal through my quiet times, but I have never ever written a poem that was not for a class.  (Also, those poems tended to be incredibly cheesy. No matter what they were about!)  But whatever. I'll do it.  So I sat on the ground and pulled the lone piece of paper I had in my backpack out.  And so I sat.  Just breathing, listening. And I wrote  my prayer.

as wind passes through a wind chime,
so Your spirit passes through my soul.
every inch, every part, every thought
is drenched
by You.
this overflow i cannot contain
so, like the wind chime, i cannot
keep quiet.
as Your wind passes through
my being.