Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Like Wind

I go to a prayer meeting on Monday mornings with InterVarsity.  It's an incredibly refreshing and refocusing way to start my week.  I absolutely love it!
This week, we decided to do a solitary prayer walk around the Creative Arts Center and be open to what God could say to us through the art pieces.
While I was walking around the outside of the CAC, I came to a huge wind chime.  Standing there quietly, listening to God, I just really really felt like writing.  Like writing a poem.  I mean, I journal through my quiet times, but I have never ever written a poem that was not for a class.  (Also, those poems tended to be incredibly cheesy. No matter what they were about!)  But whatever. I'll do it.  So I sat on the ground and pulled the lone piece of paper I had in my backpack out.  And so I sat.  Just breathing, listening. And I wrote  my prayer.

as wind passes through a wind chime,
so Your spirit passes through my soul.
every inch, every part, every thought
is drenched
by You.
this overflow i cannot contain
so, like the wind chime, i cannot
keep quiet.
as Your wind passes through
my being.

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